The Nokia Lumia 920 already have Spotify support Windows Phone 8

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As far Spotify was not compatible with Windows Phone 8 , terminal owners as the Nokia Lumia 920 could not listen to music streaming from your mobile. However, the wait has come to an end as the company has released the first beta version of the application compatible with the latest update of the platform Microsoft .


The creators of the music streaming service launched the first version to support Windows Phone last year, in the process of growth of the then MarketPlace. This ended with the limitation posed to users of the Microsoft platform not have one of the most exciting multimedia applications for smartphones.

Spotify for Windows Phone 8

However, with the arrival of Windows Phone 8, the application was inaccessible for models such as the new Nokia Lumia 920 , Lumia 820 and HTC 8X , among others. The reason was none other than the incompatibility of the lines of code from one version to another version of the system. The solution was to re-compile the application for Windows Phone 8, a task that has not borne fruit so far. And is that Spotify already has application for the latest generation of Microsoft system. This was the statement of the company through its official blog , where announce the availability of the first beta version.

Full working version, though in Beta

Despite being a version under development, the application offers most services Spotify. Mainly include the ability to search for songs, create playlists and share them with friends, listen to music online (streaming on 3G and WiFi networks) or even enjoy the offline mode. Of course, maintaining the ability to sync your media library, so that the music is available at all times from both the smartphone and the PC. As for the interface remains the same appearance as featured version available for Windows Phone 7.

You can download the application right now Spotify support Windows Phone 8 from the Microsoft App Store. remember that you can only enjoy the service through a premium account, for 10 euros a month

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