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In recent weeks the Samsung Galaxy S4 captures center stage, while the emergence of a first image of the Nexus X , the next Google phone and Motorola, brings us back to reality. The smartphone market is very competitive and the X-Phone is the best example. A leaked capture is accompanied by some of their technical characteristics.



Although Google insisted that Motorola still have autonomy, recent developments have shown that the form has other plans for the U.S. firm. After just over a year since I was complete the acquisition process, the Internet giant begins to unveil his immediate plans.

As we have repeatedly stated, these plans go through submit its next Nexus phone under the tutelage of Motorola. The Nexus X, as it has transpired so far, would be the first team under the direction of Google. On the terminal we had access to various data that we moved some of its technical features appear again today, this time with a graphic document of great interest.

The image could be a photograph on a slide that Motorola used in summer to introduce the team. In it you can see the silhouette of a smartphone, but without possibility of achieving further details for its poor quality. What I notice is the name that appears on the top Photo: Motorola NXT. Will the code name? Could more since the name is shared by all of Nexus X.

In addition to capturing, filtering published in unwiredview is accompanied by some possible model specifications. One of the aesthetic details of the new smartphone from Google would be its slim profile, with a mere 7.9 millimeters. Also integrate a 4.7-inch screen, likely with FullHD resolution with 16-megapixel camera. The processor is an NVIDIA Tegra i4, a variant of the NVIDIA Tegra 4 with ARM Cortex A9 architecture and LTE connectivity.

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