The Nexus 4 between marketing strategy and desire

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The Nexus 4 has again be available through Google Play for the Spanish public. Having exhausted last week in just 7 minutes , the terminal has been in “stock” by surprise Tuesday. The device “ghost” of Google and LG sold out at its launch in November a few hours of being on sale for a price from 299 euros for the 8GB version .


The company explained that there was a high demand and that the “stock” of available units sold out in no time. During these months there had been rumors about why he had not yet reestablished distribution Nexus 4, provided that both companies would even focusing on a successor.

The struggle for a Nexus 4 is reopened. The “smartphone” of Google has exhausted almost since it came out and experts say it is a marketing strategy of the company to generate brand need and impact of the style of Apple or small “stock” has forced distribution drip.

Several weeks ago rumors began output new models of the Nexus family at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In fact, in statements made ​​during the last CES Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the SVP of LG, James Fisher, commented on the release of a new device “smartphone” or “tablet” Nexus for this event to be held in late February. As asked about the fate of Nexus 4, Fisher reduced its importance by stating that this model is “just one of many” of those who are planning to launch. Specialized media are saying that the Nexus 5 could come in May with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

The lack of units could not meet its high demand since it went on sale, but how many Nexus 4 have been sold since it hit the market? group of computer scientists estimated in January, from calculations on the IMEI code, that figure had reached 400,000 units.

This device has been characterized by its absence in all markets, since it came out in mid-November. This lack of supply is associated with a dramatic demand, due to a high specification in a very attractive price model.

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