The Nexus 4 already has new headphones with integrated microphone

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Google Play counts among its references with new accessory designed for the Nexus 4 The new headphones with aluminum side and rubber on the area to be placed in the ear canal, have a microphone and a flat cable with the peculiarity of being designed to prevent tangles Since your connection is type “jack” of 3.5 mm can be used, not only in the Nexus 4 but in all those devices that have this entry.



In recent appearance in the store , the Nexus 4 is one of the devices that you will enjoy the new headphones high quality microphone. We say this because it is not the only one who can use them, since the connection of 3,5 mm is nearly universal in all mobile devices.

The price of these new headphones with microphone for Nexus 4 is of 20 euros (well, 19.99 to be exact) and we get delivery within 3 to 5 working days. From its design include four elements: said connection type “jack” of 3.5 mm flat cable designed not entangled, the microphone for hands-free use, and the headset itself, divided into two parts: the aluminum external and we stand in the tube that carries a dual rubber. The area of the microphone comes prepared with a single button from which calls are handled and controlled the music.


Other accessories

This headset is not the only supplement that can be purchased at the Google Play for the Nexus 4. The first was that marketed housing , named Bumper , whose mission rubber edges protect the terminal and avoid impacts from falling on the screen. Its price is also 20 euros.

Another reference, for 16 euros (15.99 exactly) is a power adapter to charge the Nexus 4 using a micro USB cable. The funny thing is that the latter is not included in the price and is sold separately. Logically, the fourth original accessory which is already available for the Nexus 4 is precisely this wire that is priced at 10 euros (9.99 to be exact) and a length of 1.2 meters.

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