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October may be the month of the new Nexus . In this case, the new phone Nexus family . A few months ago we met the first tablet of this catalog, developed by Taiwan’s Asus and with a clear goal: to make a balanced team and solvent within the reach of many pockets . Perhaps this philosophy is not part of the aspirations of the next installment, which would be signed by the South Korean Samsung .

The company will, according to reports by CNET average American , which is responsible for making thenext generation of Nexus tablet . And for that, will focus on making a powerful terminal shine especially where a section of the technical profile: your screen .


And as has been told that the said means, the Nexus tablet supposed to be preparing the multinationalSouth Korean panel would already unveiled in prototype form, but we still see in a commercial terminal.This would be a screen that doubles the resolution currently indexes Samsung brand as high quality . Thus, the 1280 x 800 pixels that develops 10.1 Samsung Galaxy Note would be no less than2560 x 1600 pixels . In practice, rates are exceeded high definition , though not to the standard 4K -that comes to maintaining a ratio of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels .

Right now, the screen with the highest resolution seen in a tablet is what is installed on the new iPad . It distributes a canvas of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels , making the Samsung Nexus tablet would exceed that seen in the Apple team . In other words, the comparison can be made in 264 dots per inch that are located across from the new iPad 9.7 inch and 299 dots per inch that supposedly shine in the hypothetical device that would see Samsung’s hand.

Nexus 7

(Nexus 7 Asus)

The team would also named jointly by Google and Samsung , so we are likely to come across a trade name similar to the last phone developed by both companies, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus . However, no more clues when it approached the how to call the team that rumors are beginning to emerge.

Technical details are not known beyond what you have on the screen, but given the performance that would require such a resolution, it is more than likely that Samsung install one version of quad-core processor, the Samsung Exynos 4 Quad . Would be seen if coinciding with the release of this device from Googlealso submitted a new version of its hybrid operating system which exploits the surprising natively display that has been described.

Currently Google has focused on the market for tablets affordable with Nexus 7, which is available for prices between 200 and 250 euros . The goal is to leverage business performance that would exploit your Amazon Kindle Fire and have also seduced Apple , which this month could present the iPad Mini , inscribing in this market .

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