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More fuel to the fire to fuel the controversy of a subscription fee for the use of WhatsApp . According to recent rumors, the subscription payment could reach iPhone users and Apple should start making regular payments for using the service. Everything has been discovered by the Castilian translation of the application.

In an email from a user who participates in the translation of WhatsApp . The email content shows a few sentences in English so that the user can translate to the Castilian. One of the phrases makes clear one thing WhatsApp could begin to demand a subscription fee for iPhone users to use their service. Furthermore, the method would be chosen in-app purchases. The content of the mail received is as follows (translated from Spanish):

Thank WhatsApp translate into Castilian. We have recently added some new phrases that have not yet been translated. This is where we need help:

– Why we dont sell ads

– In-app payment coming soon

Please do not reply to this email. Simply click the phrases to translate. Thanks again for your effort to make a global phenomenon WhatsApp. 
WhatsApp team

The first sentence also reveals much and is the second sentence which has sparked rumors and fears of iPhone users. Literally we read In-app payment coming soon , that is, in-app payments coming soon. There seems to be little doubt about the future plans of WhatsApp, although it would surprise us in a future reality. They may simply want to have it all tied up and translated by if necessary.

This possibility has not been confirmed or denied by the company . Just try to reflect the new phrase that has been incorporated into the application and asking for translation. What is clear is that WhatsApp has a solid base of iPhone users, who can become potential subscribers to its service . We will continue to watch developments WhatsApp payment on all platforms.

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