The new iOS beta 7 could reveal that the next iPhone will have a fingerprint reader

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Gradually get to know more details of the final version of the iOS mobile operating system in July that Apple continues to prove. This Tuesday has released the fourth beta of the platform and incorporates some improvements as the optimization of resources and the speed of opening applications and fingerprinting system, which could confirm the existence of this method for unlocking next model of iPhone .

iOS beta 7

                                                                                 iOS beta 7

In this beta you get a file called BiometricKitUI.axbundle that allow the system to incorporate a biometric sensor would work with fingerprint reader. Although rumored all point to that access to the terminalwould be made ​​by this method of unlocking without entering password , the reader could be used to make purchases via mobile payment, as published by technology blog “9to5mac” .

Among other enhancements for this beta is a small design change application interface of the phone, the addition of a new button to randomly play songs from the music player or buttons Notification Center and Control Center appear in a line on the lock screen.

As described, the fingerprint sensor will be on the Home button and change the color according to advance the recognition process .What is still unclear is what exactly will this function, although it is assumed that one of the first uses will be to unlock the screen safer than current safety codes.

A person close to Apple and the development of the new system, which would not reveal his identity, said as recorded by Europa Press that so far, the system focuses on safety for unlocking the screen. At the moment it is unclear whether it could be used as a method for a new mobile payments platform, as has also been rumored on more than one occasion.

Although not the first time that rumors about incorporating fingerprint recognition on the iPhone, a rumor increasingly harder sounding. ‘s last October , Apple filed a patent that talked about the arrival of a release system using a biometric sensor.

The new iPhone model is not confirmed yet, but could come after the summer analysts estimated. In fact, the phone, which analysts call it iPhone 5S, could have been delayed for not having found a solution to this function.

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