The new Copyright Act raises fines of up to 300,000 euros

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New tools to fight piracy. That is the basis of the reform of the Copyright Law. The Cabinet yesterday gave the green light to draft Department of Education, Culture and Sport, led by Jose Ignacio Wert. The text will address management entities copyright, procedures to combat piracy, the limited review of the legal concept of private copying and transposing Directive 2011.

One of the measures that the executive Madrid take to protect intellectual property will increase economic sanctions, which range from 30,000 to 300,000 euros. It also may request the withdrawal of their services to intermediaries for payment and to advertising agencies that include ads on these pages. “It makes sense. But the question is why the pages with illegal content itself but to the search engines that target those pages not?’s Not fair that large companies are profiting directly or indirectly,” he said yesterday Usandizaga DEIA July, President of Internet & Euskadi.



Another of the ways in which they try to protect the right of creators to charge for their work is to strengthen the transparency and oversight of management entities. Thus, as the minister said, there will be a “limited capacity of institutions to adopt and impose management fees.”

One of the questions that most users was generated in which was unrelated to private copying. In the draft bill that is collected in the protection of private copying most common activities such as mirroring non-commercial and non CD and DVD recording equipment and radio and television broadcast. There will be exceptions in the field of education and scientific research.

This new regulation, which will be adopted this term, “confirms the worst suspicions” of the Association of Internet. According to this organization, “is universalized the digital royalty payments, limiting the concept of private copying and criminalizes the link”. “Instead of trying to adapt reality to progress, continues the effort of adapting progress to a purely profit” from the association said.

For his part, President of Internet & Euskadi said that this reform is a “small step” but was left out of the draft “a big problem”. “Who is serving the aid to websites with illegal content are major markets seekers. They who are doing business with pirates links,” he said.

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