The native app Instagram is not for new smartphones Blackberry

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The native app Instagram not available in BB10 as native app. However, this does not mean that Instagram will not be present at all in the new Blackberry operating system but will consist of a modified version of the Android app.




As reported by All Things D sources close to Instagram, the Android version will be as close to the new users of Blackberry 10 will be Instagram adaptation is an application for Android but without the same characteristics as a native.

The Blackberry CEO, Thorsten Heins said at the launch event for its new operating system, the company’s goal was to make the brand Blackberry in the third mobile operating system Windows Phone overtaking. They need lots of reputable native applications from those already announced include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Foursquare , Instagram but for now, one of the most famous among the users, will not be.

Blackberry is working on a modified version of Instagram for Android but this solution does not offer the same features of a purely native application regarding performance issues are concerned.

These sources say that the code is working for Android presents significant technical challenges to get the application to work with the same quality. While Blackberry and Facebook, the owner of Instagram, still trying to solve the technical problems, though it seems that the application can finally reach the BB10.

The vice president of global alliances for Blackberry, Mallic Martyn said that “the company is actively engaged in supporting Instagram for Blackberry 10 but do not have an availability date at this time” , although these same sources say it is unlikely to come to fruition.

Given the popularity of Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular applications on iOS and Google’s Android. More than 90 million people use it on a monthly basis so the absence of a native version BB10 would leave a gaping hole in the platform.

Instagram still has an application development team composed of 20 people who do not have enough time to devote its resources to new platforms quickly so do not spend more effort to adapt to BlackBerry. In addition to the new systems do not reach a high enough market share to Instagram not interested in working on them. So it would seem difficult for the new BB10 will have this popular application.

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