The Naked Truth

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The world of fashion and technology could soon join a revolutionary garment: the dress that turns transparent when the wearer is lying.

naked truth

naked truth

The development of the innovative part of the project garment Intimacy (privacy) Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, known for creating a transparent dress that allows the wearer hide his emotions.

“Right now we are also working on a costume for men, especially for the banking world, which becomes transparent when they lie,” said the designer in an interview, but did not reveal who the potential buyers of the revolutionary suit.

The Intimacy project is based on the use of so-called ‘smart fabrics’, multifunctional materials interact with light, sound and electricity and are able to become transparent or opaque.

Thus, the previous ‘success’ of Roosegaarde is a dress that features a combination of leather-sensitive sheet that reveals if the woman feels excited or embarrassed, changing their opacity to the rhythm of the beats.

Besides designer Daan Roosegaarde, 32, is a sculptor, painter and architect. Among his most famous projects also highlights the ‘Sustainable Dance Floor’, which generates electricity when people dance on it.

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