The music on headphones by 50 Cent line of high-end to the street in Berlin

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The rapper follows on the heels of Dr. Dre and launched his own company in the field of audio technology: the SMS Audio headphones and speaker to produce hifi enthusiasts. He says: “I’m not looking for popularity” from our correspondent ERNESTO ASSANTE.

BERLIN – The land of audio technology has been, until now the preserve of large multinational technology or small craft. Today, however, to take the field more frequently are the artists who open their businesses to gain space in a market that, with the advent of digital technology has always been very moving.

To open the games in style was Dr. Dre, launching its line of Beats by Dr. Dre, earphones and headsets, speakers and audio systems, both hardware and software, produced by Monsters and distributed worldwide. Dre has been very successful (according to some sources, his brand has captured about 9 percent of the market for headphones) and opened a path that others are following.

First of all, the rapper 50 Cent, born Curtis James Jackson III, who, after having opened his own clothing line, G-Unit Clothing Company, has now decided to jump into the field of audio technology, with his company, Studio Master Sound Audio, who presented at IFA in Berlin, the largest European exhibition of technologies.

50 Cent has a clear, its not a hobby, not a way to run his name. No, Sms Audio is your company, we have his money and his commitment, and this makes the brand new “very different” from the other, that of Dr. Dre. “We have nothing in common – he said – are not interested in doing marketing operations by combining software and hardware to make sense.”

His aim, he says, “is to offer quality products that can stand the test of time, offering excellent sound and comfort”, along with a design that can compete with the big companies like Bose or Sennheiser audio. The products of the new company by 50 Cent are not made for kids geeks want to be high profile audio systems, intended for audiophiles and, consequently, high priced, with models that cost several hundred dollars.

Dre has signed agreements with other companies for its Beats, the one with Monster, which runs until the end of 2012, the one with the HTC, which until a few weeks ago was the majority shareholder of the company, the one with the Hp for development of products integrated with computers and the Chrysler cars. 50 Cent also looks into the distance, but does not believe that we need partners for the time being, focusing on the market of the “old” high fidelity products “whose audio quality is hard to fault.”

And while Dr. Dre has involved many people from the world of music to support its products – from Will. I. Am David Guetta, from Lady Gaga to Justin Bieber – 50 Cent thinks that does not serve instead seek the endorsement of other artists to promote its brand, “are not looking for popularity, I want to offer quality, that those who want to listen to music through my products can always be satisfied. ” In short, 50 Cent becomes an entrepreneur in the round and takes care to say that his is not an operation image, but a real job, which is closely linked to his music.

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