The multi-touch gesture zoom Pitch-screens of iPhone and iPad is not owned by Apple

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The patent war with Apple and Samsung introduces open, day after day, interesting news. It is true that you can “get tired” a little this, but it does sometimes occur relevant news. An example of this is that yesterday has been told that it is possible that the technology used by the Cupertino company for its devices, does not belong .

This has got to know via Fortune , which has uncovered that Samsung has gone on the attack after receiving allegations take several days and also to defend them, stated and presented evidence attempting to demonstrate that the long-proven technology that Apple uses in its screens, with the known effects of gestural (including allowing enlarge what you see, also known as pinching the screen), really is not his, but Mitsubishi . This means that Samsung does not infringe such patents of Apple, as the creator of iPhone and iPad really is not the owner. There is nothing.

The evidence presented is called Samsung Touch Diamond . This is a product developed by Mitsubishi, in fact, touch is a table that uses projectors from other elements and functionalities already provided Apple patents indicate that they are his. In addition, Adam Bogue , an engineer of the Japanese company said that Apple will introduce in 2003 . His performance, as seen in the video below is “suspiciously” like an iPhone or iPad, right?

Therefore, it seems that things do not go as well as Apple would like to, if you can get some models of Samsung stop selling until it is confirmed some details of the trial, you may have to pay the price is much higher than previously thought . If true it indicated about Touch Diamond and intellectual patent is owned by Mitsubishi, Apple may have a serious problem.


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