The Motorola RAZR Mini, a budget version with good battery

It seems that Motorola intends to grow its Razr line as far as possible. Now comes information Razr Motorola Mini, a model who wants to offer good performance especially good price and great autonomy.

Motorola has decided to further expand its range of handsets RAZR and now has decided to jump into the market with its Mini model, as have other manufacturers like Samsung and Galaxy Mini for example or own the Motorola Defy Mini. These data and the rumors have been available through the FCC, a certification from the United States. According to the filtered image would be a model with LTE connectivity, although it is rumored that it could also be released one with 3G. Thus, could spread to countries that do not yet have good coverage and high-speed 4G.



Carbon Goodbye

Through this photo released by colleagues from Android Help , we proved that the terminal housing is nearly identical to the RAZR model HD. The material could be made that the housing would be plastic, because in this way, remember that many would save manufacturing costs on the carbon fiber used in the Razr and Razr MAXX more advanced. You may even think that will covers. Another innovation that could bring this new handset from Motorola, would be the NFC connectivity, currently highly valued among users and in turn, demanded by them. The reason that you could add NFC would be to provide several features or extras, such as the power to make payments in a simple way as Google does.

With regard to the characteristics of the Smartphone, could include a dual-core processor, a four-inch screen and a battery of 1,950 mAh about, something that Motorola takes great care as it did through its RAZR Maxx. 

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