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From that Google bought Motorola makes one years was expected to that union of forces be translated in a new smartphone. Partners of Google became nervous and everybody wondered why the company kept doing their Nexus with other manufacturers. In late year will started talking of that almost mythical smartphone of Motorola and Google: the X Phone. This week was confirmed: will be the Moto X.

Motorola X

Motorola X

The confirmation the did Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola Mobility, who took the D11 Conference to make the announcement and, incidentally, give a series of details. One of the basics is that, at least the Moto X to be distributed in the United States, will be manufactured there (although many components come from Taiwan or South Korea). That local manufacturing, now that arrive so many scandals of suppliers and Asian plants, is one of the features that more have excelled.

As to device itself, is expected that the use of the sensors and duration of the battery are two keys to making to Moto X highlight between the rest of smartphones. Thus, the smartphone will know, for example, when the user has removed the bag and detect if you drive to automatically activate driving mode. The battery may be of 4,000 mAh and the screen could be flexible.

No will be the only smartphone of Motorola and will not be Nexus

While finally Google and Motorola Mobility will throw together a smartphone, highlighted enough (and like the other partners of Google) that the ratio of time gave enough of being exclusive. For one, the Nexus devices will follow by other manufacturers , as the Moto X will not be Nexus (which means that while the Android version is quite pure, Motorola itself introduce any changes).

Motorola Mobility, meanwhile, not limit their new smartphones to Moto X . Woodside said also that in late year will launch more devices, some cheaper than the Moto X and will continue struggling against the tendency to make smartphones increasingly large (as hiciero with the Droid Razr M of 4.3 inches.

And most importantly: when will? There is a small contradiction between dates, but it is clear that the idea is to launch this year. According to the press release from Motorola, Moto X would already this summer, but Woodside said in the D11 Conference that would fall (the contradiction can be to do with the Moto X will be launched initially as exclusive AT & T and for all a few months later).

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