The most annoying features off Facebook

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Facebook has several features that users can drive you crazy. We present these bullies and tell you how to disable these features.

Although Facebook is hugely popular, but has some pretty annoying features. We’ll show you.

Game news

If you annoy the games announcement, you should go to your privacy settings. Next click on “Blocked Persons, and block applications. In the Applications section, you can type the name of the app you want to block. Then confirm your selection by pressing Enter.
Games Invitations

The problem: As if it were not already bad enough that your friends can be invited to send Bubble Cafe World or Safari. More and more traditional video games now migrate to Facebook integrated with social features. Now you can play a game like Ghost Recon Commander or annoy your friends and Birds Anrgy simultaneously with invitations.
The solution is simple: Look for games that you can play outside of Facebook.

Embarrassing social Videos

If you are a Socialcam video users, you can protect yourself from embarrassment by making sure that your videos “private”. Go to Socialcam app on Facebook and at the top, next to your profile picture, set the “Social Mode “to” off “.

Seamless social

Apps like Spotifiy and sites like “Yahoo News” to share all of your activities directly with Facebook. So your friends will know exactly what music you like. Or what you love to read.
The solution: Turn off the social parts. Yahoo news turn it off by going to the social -button in the right corner of the “on Yahoo News” button. In Spotify, go to Edit> Preferences and on “activity to share” the option “Show on Facebook I hear “be off.

Updates from “friends of friends”

You can ensure that your messages do not end up with friends of friends. To do so, the privacy settings of Facebook and click “Edit Settings”, located next to “chronicle and markings.” In the new window, adjust the settings using the drop-down menu and select “friends” from .

The Facebook-lock

Some applications use Facebook as a single login facility (long time was the example in the case of Spotify, since June 2012 you can also register at Spotify without Facebook account ). If you do not want to register with Facebook, there is only one viable option is to keep all the apps that Facebook assume away. You might find a competing product that gives up Facebook.

Hidden Messages

The problem: Did you know that Facebook hides potentially important messages in front of you?Sometimes the Facebook spam filter may be too restrictive. To find out what you missed, click on Messages in the left column of the Facebook navigation. Then click Other , located directly under news now. This is Facebook’s equivalent to a spam folder.
The Solution: Check this folder regularly.

The strange “Like”

The problem: Few people, for example, in an article about a disaster, “Like” button, this is my really but the problem is that it is so interpreted thus..
The solution: There are none. We only complain about this fact.

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