The most Amazing projects of NASA

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The space agency is funding the development of 28 ideas “crazy” but feasible, as a sub to explore Europa, the icy moon of Jupiter, or a sailboat on wheels to travel by Venus

An underwater vessel capable of exploring the water masses beneath the surface of the moon Europa, Or a wheel boat to travel the warmVenus . These are some of the ideas that NASA has decided to fund through NIAC , its aid program for innovative projects that may revolutionize future space exploration .

The U.S. space agency announced this week their “scholarships” for 28 projects : 18 in phase one and another 10 in phase two . The former are given about $ 100,000 -a-spend in a year to be devoted to study the feasibility and characteristics of the concept. The sum for each of the latter is close to half a million dollars . It’s an investment to two years to continue the development of the most promising projects that were phase one.

The concepts that NASA has funded contemplate all sorts of facets of space exploration. In phase one are the most “outlandish”. Some of the most curious are: a method for building blocks ‘glue’ from lunar regolith , a system that recycles the solid parts of dirty water and used as anti-radiation shield or an air purifier with no moving parts.

In phase two projects are more mature, but also spectacular. The spacesuit V2Suit , for example, promises to provide, through a system of gyroscopes, the same feelings gravity of Earth to that found in space.Also, a system of superconducting magnets to create magnetic shields to protect spacecraft from the dangerous ionizing radiation.

NASA innovation

The umbrella of its main objective-things and send people into space, NASA is developing hundreds of technologies that later affect civil society. The exploration beyond Earth requires seek imaginative solutions to all kinds of problems. Hundreds ofcommon technologies today were created before overcoming a difficulty “spatial”. Materials fire, LED lights, dehydrated food or something as simple as wireless handheld vacuum cleaners are all inventions of the NASA.

The “prizes” NIAC arise from this search for revolutionary ideas at NASA. “Through NIAC, the agency has the necessary technology investments for our long-term missions also. We are inventing the future of our next generation of spacecraft and inspire Americans to take bold steps in this direction, “said Michael Gazarik , program manager of NASA’s Space Technology. “This selection represents the most creative ideas with the ability to dramatically improve our exploration of new frontiers.”

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