The Mobile World Congress will run for 365 days

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When on Thursday February 28 closing the doors on Mobile World Congress and the poster hotels sag “complete”, the city will keep the pulse of the global capital of mobile technologies with a handful of initiatives that will extend for 365 days the year and that includes festivals, exhibitions, promotion of ICT companies and entrepreneurs, as well as the adoption of mobile phone use in everyday life of its inhabitants as the scepter to reign in this century.

Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress

The world capital of mobile technologies that Barcelona launches this year begins precisely when the end of the world event to be held from next Monday in Barcelona and meet for four days to more than 70,000 professionals and 1,500 companies. In addition to public and private effort to modernize the infrastructure of the mobile in the city and encourage the use of this technology in the world of business and civic life, the Mobile World Capital Foundation congressmen disseminated cultural initiatives and budget for continuing this technological movement that is leading the Barcelona until at least 2018, the date of expiration of the agreement signed with employers GSMA bringing together 800 operators and 250 international companies in the sector.

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