The mini iPad will have Retina better processor and camera

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Throughout the year 2013 is expected to Apple this new update of its popular devices such as the iPhone, iPad and the iPad Mini, the younger brother of 7.9-inch iPad to hit the market in November last year. And how can it be otherwise, lurk always rumors devices in the world of technology, with possible data on how they could be, what improvements bring, etc..

ipad mini

ipad mini

Well, in the case of the iPad mini , perhaps the most widely rumor heard over this time is that the second generation of the tablet is 7.9 inches that has a Retina display technology , the which was missing in the first version and, since it is present in the iPad from the third generation and also the iPhone 5.

But this is not the only improvement would include the second generation of the iPad mini, but also spoke of the odd update certain components from the previous model, such as the processor and camera.

In this aspect,the resources says that the second-generation iPad mini would have pa Retina touch a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 and a density of 324 pixels per inch . Regarding the processor, say that it is quite possible to lead the A6X dual-core processor.

Finally, one of the components to be updated would be the camera. while the rear camera would have a sensor 8 megapixels , the front camera would have a sensor 2 megapixel .

And to finish the rumors currently revolve around the second generation iPad mini, resources  also spoke about the dimensions of an appliance. In this regard, talk of a slight increase in thickness , which would be of 7.2 mm to be 7.5 mm . The reason for this slight increase expected thickness would be to introduce a larger battery.

Remember that all these are rumors have not been confirmed by Apple, so you still have to wait until he officially submitted to see if these changes actually come true or not. In principle, it is believed that Apple will launch the next generation of iPad mini for next fall , so there are still a few months.


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