The mini iPad Retina goes into production

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A few months since Apple announced the world launch of the iPad’s little brother, the iPad mini, which will undoubtedly be a success is getting to overshadow even the very fourth-generation iPad retina. For some time also been rumored about a possible iPad 2 with retina display mini that could be announced in the first half of 2013, we now know that the iPad 2 would have entered mini production .

The day the iPad mini was released many people asked why it did not have retina display, and many Apple branded an opportunist by launching a product knowing that in a few months would be a logical and not have a version straight out updated with a high-resolution screen. The truth is that it is unquestionable that the performance and to the maintaining the same user experience in a smaller size and was synonymous with success.

But there were those who wondered if we would see in a few months the announcement of the iPad mini update, “forcing” those who want more resolution to buy the new model. Rumor after rumor we’ve seen something move in the bowels of the component suppliers of Cupertino, and today the market analyst Doug Freedman said having data suggest that this model of mini vitaminado is reportedly close to see the Light .

Specifically, Freedman says Apple is putting the finishing touches to the second generation of the iPad mini, whichwould be manufactured by several suppliers (not exclusively by Foxconn perhaps in order to avoid problems of stock) including TXN, would play a role quite important in the manufacturing process. This means that Apple is planning dates of production, delivery and launch of its new product, what would that be in production in the coming days, ahead of a possible launch in the spring and summer of next year.

No wonder this move by Apple, and to remember that the retina of fourth generation iPad was announced about 8 months after the release of the iPad 3, a time similar to what would happen between the release of the iPad mini and mini iPad 2, and it would be justified by the company due to the improvements in the new version, as it appears that not only would turn into a high-resolution screen, but it would be accompanied by significant internal changes (more RAM, better processor and some other surprises).

Anyway, it seems that little by little are confirmed Apple’s intentions to improve the iPad mini , but if you’re one of the owners of the current version does not despair, and that is if we can say something positive products of Cupertino is that they have a high durability and secured software updates for several years. That’s something

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