The meters are not clarified on using Chrome and Explorer

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Show profound discrepancies in their calculations to mix some traffic from the computer and from mobile

Even the election polls reach the confusion they cause major gauges on using internet browsers. From case to be reputed NetMarketShare, the year ended with the Microsoft browser and total absolute leader, with 54.7% of market, 35 points ahead of Chrome (Google), but if done by not less formal case Statcounter Google’s browser to Explorer took him six points (36.4% versus 30.7%. Differences are similar if they resort to other sites specializing in traffic measurement.

A year ago proclaimed that its browser Google Chrome was the most used on the Internet. Microsoft responded by saying that at all. Each company showed data that supported them. A year later the struggle continues in the greatest embarrassments. Just visit Statcounter, NetMarketShare, Clicky or W3Counter to check. On the last day of the year, two were won by two to Chrome and Explorer.

Facing Statcounter and NetMarketShare veterans, says the new Clicky Explorer is the most used browser (35.3%), followed by Chrome (32.7%) and Firefox (21.5%). For W3Counter, gives victory to Chrome (29.4%) on Explorer (27.8%), followed by Firefox (20.1%) and Safari (14.8%).

To justify such a difference is sometimes enough to trace the fine print of the sampling system. For real-time monitors Clicky half million sites, but statistics do not distinguish between their computers and phones. One thing that clearly makes NetMarketShare giving incontestable leadership to Explorer in PCs, but whose classification in traffic from phones and tablets gives a very different result: Safari, 60.5%), Android, 28.2%; Opera , 3.9%, Chrome, Explorer 1.4% and 1.1%.


For W3Counter, sampling comes from, is that people download the application in your browser, and from there, is sampled. Thus traffic analyzes 62,345 websites.

Statcounter controls three million websites, reviewing 15,000 million page views per month and statistics every four hours. In your case, also discriminates use on mobile browsers, which gives another very different result: Android 28.2%, 20.6% and 17% Safari Opera when in general, without distinguishing devices, the triumph is for Chrome on Explorer.

Amid such divergence, even to explain their different ways of measuring traffic, if it is seen that the differences have been narrowing, although at the annual Microsoft has stopped the progress of Chrome with the new Explorer, while Firefox and Safari, fourth wheel, maintained a more flat, without large fluctuations.

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