The market expects the new iPhone 5

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Apple touches record high on Wall Street a few days of the launch of its new smartphone. This is the first all-new version of the iPhone without Steve Jobs.

Rumors are already a clamor. If the press conference that Apple has called the Sept. 12 does not show the iPhone 5, the disappointment of fans of the company Apple is capitalized. Already in October 2011 it appeared that the iPhone 5 was a Realize, however Apple iPhone 4S submitting surprised. Now, it appears that the release of the fifth version of the smartphone that revolutionized the market is not going to wait.

The fierce competition from Samsung and falling sales of the iPhone 4s, require the California company to react. Thesmartphone is the flagship of the brand, so the great success of the new iPad 3, does not cover the gap left by the fall in sales of the smartphone , 12.6% less than in the first quarter of 2012. The slump in sales, according to tech consultancy Gartner, is explained by the expectation of consumers to the output of the iPhone 5, awaiting departure to purchase a newsmartphone .

The stock market is also awaiting the release. The price of Apple stock reaches $ 630, just three dollars from its historic peak. With the release of the new iPhone is expected to achieve a new record price. The maximum of $ 633 per share was reached after the release of iPad 3 is an elevation affordable.

Steve Jobs’s successor as president of Apple, Tim Cook, who already faced in March to launch the iPhone in March, now faces the release of the product of the Cupertino company. In presenting the results of the second quarter of Cook, in addition to announcing the dividend per share of $ 2.65 to be delivered today, referred to the launch of Mountain Lion, already in the market since July 25, and the new Apple operating system, IOS 6, scheduled for this fall.

 About the iPhone 5 a word, as usual. However, traffic information on the characteristics of the phone has been relentless, as is usual with all Apple devices. In international media, as the Wall Street Jounal and the Guardian , and a multitude of specialist sites assumes the premiere. Guesses range from a bigger screen, less thick, a new processor or more battery power.

And as a condiment to the expected launch, Apple and Samsung are engaged in litigation in which the California company has sued for plagiarism of their pills and their smartphone to the Korean company.The latter have fought back claiming plagiarism of some of Apple products.

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