The map of the vegetation on the land surface

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NASA has presented a detailed vegetation mapping of our planet through images made ​​with data collected by the satellite Suomi NPP for one year.Suomi NPP (acronym for ‘National Polar-orbiting Partnership “) is a joint mission between NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the United States.

The images show the difference between green and arid areas of the Earth as seen in the radiometer data for visible-infrared images VIIRS instrument aboard the satellite. VIIRS detects changes in the reflection of light, producing images that measure changes in vegetation over time .

Vegetation data Suomi NPP will join many products and services, includingenvironmental monitoring and impact of droughts .

These measures vegetation index monitor plant growth, vegetation cover and biomass production from satellite information. Is calculated from the visible and near-infrared light reflected by the vegetation. Higher values ​​represent a dense and green vegetation. Lower values ​​represent sparse vegetation under stress conditions such as drought.

VIIRS measurements are some of the data records collected by several NASA satellites such as Terra and Aqua, in orbit since December 1999 and February 2002, respectively.

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