The main enemy of the Firefox Android is supported by Telephonica

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Android started on a HTC low end, the legendary Magic. Months later,Samsung , Galaxy Spica debut with a nice terminal but with a ‘hardware’ poor to what is currently being constructed.

Firefox Android

Firefox Android

I can enumerate all the brands that are now a reference in Android and that’s started in this system with a low-end terminal or half as much, to go slowly climbing and turning its flagship Android in both innovation for the most demanding and affluent, as entry phones given away collecting coupons from newspapers.

Today, Android visibility is at the high end , the real showcase for the brands, but not the bulk of revenues, or base their entire ecosystem motor, designed in the expansion of low cost smart phone of China and India.

After years of effort making headway, free software has triumphed for the user, that if, under the control of Google . It was time for the supporting cast:Ubuntu , Tizen or Firefox enter scene for the role. In this regard, the big news this last Mobile World Congress has been that Telephonica has dared to bet seriously Firefox OS with some allies . You’re nobody without friends.

But make no mistake, this is not a manifesto against Apple and Google duopoly Alierta as expressed in his introduction (the least likely to say this), nor is it because they have to Geeksphone as first ally to make the hardware when it was announced departure, not even because ZTE and Alcatel also have joined, at which point everyone looked up Firefox twist OS as something interesting and yes, deserved some attention.

The reality is that Google is becoming a powerful partner and uncomfortable , especially for an operator like Telephonica, which has declaredits intention more than once, of a tax charge Google for using its network.Prefers a partner and so docile and manageable way, give a look of company risks with new free software projects.

Android Similarities

I truly did not know until now  is that Sony , Huawei and LG also want to jump on the bandwagon, but that if, starting with low-end models (that sounds like a lot, I refer to the start of this article). Six manufacturers are already powerful and an operator who supports a project already known for his powerful and browser as Firefox.

But the similarities do not end there with Android, Mozilla also require a‘hardware’ very discreet , asking less than Android, and ‘ software ‘minimum : install the Marketplace on the device and browser, in order to obtain the certificate-Powered by Firefox OS-in the back of the ‘smartphone’, as Google also started using it, but later proved useless and confusing to the user. 

People do not know or Ubuntu and Tizen people distrust the unknown. Ela people are fond of the red fox with which for years have sailed. People love cheap phones that do what they want, the fashion of having a super-powerful mobile does the same as a 200 € cheaper is diluted. Firefox appears humble, from below, as a lovable furry pet, small and soft, which caress.

Firefox OS plays with a double disguise:  on one hand, is a simple alternative or light version of HTML5 based operating system, a language with a future and projection that will appeal to those very first users ‘techies’ wanting something new (as happened with Android) and that will make experienced speaker. On the other hand, the wolf costume, direct competition, silent, from below, as boas,eaten by the feet .

Only one ingredient missing, the user put a candy in the mouth called ‘Whatsapp for Firefox’ to forget the green robot. There is still a long way for them to be seen if it happens like the fable of the fox and the grapes.

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