The magazine ‘Moralia’ is added to the catalog of ‘Open Journal Systems’

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The tool makes available to researchers around the world ten issues of the publication.

Already available in the editorial management system ‘Open Journal Systems” Moralia.Modernist Studies Journal ‘, published by the Casa-Museo Tomás Morales, under the Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Museums of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, who runs Larry Alvarez.

Thus, through the domain are available all issues of the magazine, led by Professor of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), art critic and writer Jonathan Allen.

In this new resource, the numbers from 1 to 9 for ‘Moralia’ are of free access. The number ten (the last published), refer to open the index, but the download of content involves purchasing the electronic version only 6 euros (compared with 15 of the physical version). The platform provides the ability to search for articles by author or title, and to seek simultaneously free terms in all the issues of the magazine.

‘Open Journal Systems’ is an editorial management system and Internet content dissemination open source, which has become a de facto standard for editorial management and publication of magazines worldwide.

The system was installed on corporate servers Cabildo de Gran Canaria last 2012, on the occasion of the presentation of the number fifty-eight of ‘Yearbooks Atlantic Studies’, published by the Casa de Colón, also museum institution under the Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Museums.

Given the excellent reception given by network users worldwide to this online resource, the Department has chosen to put into public use, progressively and in this way, the contents of their serials of scientific and cultural interest, among which counts ‘Moralia’.

Born in 2002 as a tool to disseminate the Casa-Museo Tomás Morales, ‘Moralia’ platform has become the canary poetry and in a publication attentive to milestones and poetic phenomena involving the reissue, review and revision cultural. Throughout his ten numbers, has spent a dozen studies on the life and work of poet Tomás Morales, whose personality and memory are the backbone of the symbolic and historical magazine.

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