The low cost smartphones to rescue companies

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The current crisis and the global economic situation are helping sales of low-cost smartphones to grow. Specifically, it is expected that sales will double in the next four years.

More and more users who want to access the Internet and other services offered by smartphones so the demand for them grows daily. Whether on issues such as price, the reality is that not everyone can access high performance terminals like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the iPhone 5 or the Lumia 920. Companies are aware of this reality and offer a wide range of smart terminals at prices adjusted .

A great opportunity for companies

Many companies like Nokia,  ZTE and Xiomi are betting on these terminals basic range and low cost. This type of smartphones triumph in Asia , where there have been more than 50 million shipments during the year, along with South America , which claims about 10 million handsets. These data have been obtained by Display Search in a recent study on the Android mobile less than 116 euros. The study says that sales will double each year until reaching 240 million euros in 2016.

This trend will expand to the entire planet, but it will be mainly in Asia where it has the biggest boom. There are many companies that are offering smartphones for less than $ 200 . These terminals have touch capabilities, camera and Internet services which meet the needs of many users. One of the more mobile is winning in Asia is the Nokia Asha, sold for only 65 euros.

Benefits tighter

The main virtue of these terminals “low cost ” is the basic benefits offered by these top models at affordable prices to suit all budgets. These terminals can surf the Internet, access social networks, most applications use and play enough games. To change the speed of the processes will be lower quality screens and lower resolution and even equip the devices with fewer systems like Symbian applications.

Companies must be able to anticipate the needs of users who demand not only more powerful models and equipped, but no market for terminals with more modest specifications and price adjusted. We are already seeing as most companies have smartphones for every budget, as this will be one of the main focuses of sale in the future.

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