The iPhone screen 5 is much thinner

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The new Apple iPhone prepares for this fall, called the iPhone 5, will have an even finer screen and precise thanks to new technology achieved in Japan.

The iPhone 5, which is already in production in China, uses a new type of display developed by Sharp, Japan Display Inc – an alliance of three Japanese suppliers of components – LG Electronics, the multinational Korean rival Samsung reducing the thickness because it incorporates the motion sensor LCD panel itself, thereby eliminating a glass layer. This also adds more resolution.

This was explained on Tuesday the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing Japanese experts. Technological improvement also involves a change of suppliers for Apple, which has changed suppliers since the original iPhone as it changed technical designs.

The Samsung Galaxy S III, the main rival in the market and the future that has the iPhone and Google Android operating system, is thinner and larger screen than the current iPhone 4S. Also uses OLED technology, improved LCD that uses the iPhone. The newspaper takes no position on the characteristics of the processor, or the size of the screen, which some sources claim it will increase to 4 inches with the most advanced models of Android.

The level of hearsay about new Apple mobile is such that the American newspaper – usually well informed on matters of Apple – speculates on whether the reduced thickness of the screen would also be a mobile thin or if the designers have used the space to give more power to the battery. Nor is silent on the release date, but all agree he’ll be ready for this fall.

The New York Times also insisted on Thursday that Apple is preparing another iPhone with the screen smaller and cheaper, meant to compete with the tablets that have launched Amazon (Kindle Fire) and Google (Nexus 7), which have been successes U.S. sales for its price, more than half that of the Apple product.

This assumption would have seven new iPad 9.7-inches and not like the present, and would be addressed, according to the newspaper, who think that the current iPad with 652 grams is too heavy to carry around.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder who died last October, has always refused to make the iPad with 7 inch screen because he believed that was the size of 9.7 “minimum to create great programs” and recreate the cover of a journal or a magazine.

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