The iPhone 6 and its super powers prepared to dethrone the Galaxy S4

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The rumors about the future iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 are warming up to the launch of the first model, which is expected to occur on July. In addition to a new iPhone 5, Apple is expected to present to the market a super terminal , capable of dealing with the devices top model we already know, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC or Sony Xperia One Z-and expected-Nexus X 5 or Motorola.



The idea on your mind of all analysts, beyond the leaks about new features, is that Apple should get a terminal that surprised the public and above all, be able to face their rivals technologically. This should be the mission of the iPhone 6 .

Given the current development of high-end devices, how to make a product ahead of the competition? The answer is easy, but not so much putting it into practice: integrating the smartphone a unique function , so we hope that Apple gets with the arrival of its future iPhone 6. With the possible features that have been attributed from the media, it seems that this is the intention of Apple and if Samsung has won the battle with his Galaxy S4 launching a product with excellent performance cheaper than the iPhone 5, is now the turn of Cupertino.

Apple Possibilities

Before you start talking about real possibilities we want to acknowledge the imagination of designers. So there is a transparent iPhone the kind that appears in the video that we leave in this story, a concept created by Dakota Adney, which also includes a projection system for the keyboard. Obviously, this is impossible because of hardware components such as the motherboard or the battery are essential and are not transparent, at least for now. What is clear is that if Apple released something like this, the surprise was assured.

Another interesting possibility, given Apple’s rivalry with Samsung, is that the iPhone 6 come with an Intel processor inside. The contract between the two expires in 2014 manufacturers and therefore Intel could be the heart, not just the iPhone, also of future iPad. In addition, the U.S. company has no processor in mind to launch their own products, which is a relief because Apple would not become competitive.

Another area that can promote the company on the block is that of 3D live video calls included. This has much to do with a patent filed by Apple last week on augmented reality interactive displays for multimedia devices or iDevices . I mean, we’re talking about a team that can receive live video and allows both work on the surface of the touchscreen. This patent thus allows combining two layers, a video and other information, on display iDevice. Its applications include: distance learning, medical-related uses, sales systems, and so on.

A very sensitive screen

Another provision that could provide a unique and distinctive touch to the future iPhone 6 could be the implementation of ultra-sensitive touch screen from Sharp that would allow users to write or draw on it with a pen or pencil normal, without having a specific accessory (the type used by Galaxy Note). This type of display would need a minimum of 5 inches and can be integrated in teams of up to 60 inches, meaning that in addition to the iPhone 6, Apple could use this technology on any iPad. Actually this is just assumptions because we do not know what the real plans of Cupertino, but what is clear is that they are preparing something sure to surprise the public.


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