The iPhone 5S will have a higher capacity battery than the iPhone 5

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If recent rumors about Apple are true, the presentation of the next generation of iPhone is just around the corner, and that it has set a date for the event next September 10th , so that some people already crossing the days remaining in the calendar impatiently to see what we have prepared the apple company. But even though we are a few weeks just seems that we will not see any prototype by the company before the event, or the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C .



But despite this, we must recognize that the leaks and rumors about both devices have been constant for a few months and certainly more than one of these rumors is correct, but we’ll have to wait for its official launch to see really. Thus, the latest information according to the resources on the iPhone 5S is to have a design very similar to the iPhone 5, with the same structure of aluminum and of the same dimensions, so it would maintain the 4-inch screen.

Although we would find a difference from the current model, is that despite having the same dimensions (7.6 mm x 123.8 mm x 58.6 mm),  the iPhone 5S will be somewhat heavier due they would have a higher capacity battery, but did not specify the capacity would. This information has been leaked by an insider of the company, yet it is still a rumor and we should treat the information with caution .

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