The iPhone 5 would successors two 4-inch models

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Apple may be planning to introduce two iPhone with 4-inch screens in 2013. One of them would be pure and evolution of iPhone 5 , while the other would be a new and cheaper version, the placing on the market of both, could be the month of June.

The information comes from a lot of Asian fonts, first echoed The Commercial Times of Taiwan and then China Times .According to this information, in addition to these two models, the Cupertino company is working on another device called“iPhone Math” . This model would have a 4.8 inch screen and a housing redesigned. The report also states that the terminal would be released in June in conjunction with the other two phones. Another detail that says, is that two of the models would take 8-megapixel cameras, while a third would be 12 megapixels.

From The Commercial Times, reported that the shipment of the components required for these phones will run from March, and that most of the assembly work will be done by FoxConn .


Although so far only rumors, because the manufacturer has not decided either to confirm or to deny anything about the possible successors of iPhone 5, Apple Insider emphasize that the analyst Ming Chi Kuo (which enjoys a good reputation) , pointed out that the economic version of the iPhone will be almost 4 inches like the other, but polycarbonate instead of aluminum, which is much more expensive, and will be available in six different color combinations.

The analyst also said that the next generation iPhone will include a fingerprint scanner built into the start button. In short, too much information that you will not know if it is true until the Cupertino company rule (if you do) and dispel the doubts about the new iPhone and other information … which is no small.

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