The iPhone 5 is the most searched on Google

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This year 2012 has been, until now, a year with many important events such as the London Olympics, U.S. presidential elections and even Hurricane Sandy was an important story, not predictable course. But none of this was important enough to search Bing … because the first post was not for another rather than iPhone 5 .

So, the launch of the iPhone 5 has cornered the entries in that search. The truth is that this event, if we consider well, has been one of the most anticipated of the year, so it is not surprising that this has held positions in ranquin of the most sought after by users eager for information about the New Apple terminal .

The first in a list of the ten most wanted

As we say, iPhone 5 has been the most sought first, but those who have been following? We enumerate the second to the tenth: U.S. presidential election, the London Olympics , Hurricane Sandy, Honey Boo Boo Reality Show; video Gangman Style; Kony 2012; IPO Academy Awards; Amazon Kindle Fire HD, and , most recently, the IPO of Facebook .

As the technology market is concerned, the following events in the search engine searches for Microsoft has been the launch of the new iPad , the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S3, Playstation 3 and, fourthly, the landing of Windows Phone 8 .

What if we have to emphasize is that Bing accounts for 10% of searches that occur on the network, but to be honest not much difference between the top of the list of other search engines and, as you can see, Apple takes palm, occupying the top two positions in which the mobility-oriented devices are concerned. And is that the Cupertino, continue to create trend.


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