The iPhone 5 is experiencing battery problems with your upgrade

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Battery problems have emerged after a recent iOS update was intended to improve Wi-Fi Apple terminals.

In addition to this, a small number of users have created a post on the official support forum where Apple has shared that they have discovered evidence relating to battery problems is presented in iOS 6.0.2 devices current company.

The new version of Apple’s iOS operating system, the 6.0.2, has come to the iPhone 5 and iPad mini to fix some problems detected with the Wi-Fi, but several users have mentioned be suffering with duration errors your battery .

A handful of users have been in contact with a specialized media network to indicate that you have appreciated their iPhone devices are offering a lower level of battery performance after updating to iOS 6.0.2. Specifically, an AppleInsider reader, says he has noticed that his battery was drained “substantially faster” .

“It is absolutely draining my battery,” mentioned the user “atdguy”. “Normally I can spend the whole day being 75% of my battery.Today I spent 90% and I have not done anything special with the device . ” Other users listed on the Apple website that the release of iOS 6.0.2 actually has provided connectivity problems wireless terminals. But actually, the intention of the update issued this week, was to solve the errors and bugs detected with Wi-Fi on the iPad mini and iPhone 5 .

All users who have commented or written to Apple in relation to the way we have experienced battery problems they have in relation to the iPhone 5. For now there is no mention that iOS 6.0.2 may have affected the battery of iPad mini, but so far in the research done there is nothing clear or definitive about the situation.

Knowing Apple response time, it is quite possible that the problem is resolved soon with another update of the company’s operating system. For now for the apple company’s priority is, once again, solve the entire problem any that may have been detected with the Wi-Fi iPhone and at the same time, fix the errors that have been generated in related to the battery. For affected users right now all they need is a little patience, something difficult in these special days.

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