The iPhone 5 include Bluetooth Sharing

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There are many developments that have been allowed to see in iPhone OS 6 version once the developer has started to spread.Some are not really important, such as the addition of new cities to the maps of Apple, but others do. A and them is specific to Bluetooth , which now incorporates the serviceSharing which will give greater freedom to users to use this wireless interface.

This new option will have a very important draft in the use of mobile devices from Apple users, it allows file sharing by using this interface offers many more possibilities. Therefore,Bluetooth Sharing very close to the potential of Android in this regard, and were higher than those of IOS: but that has already been done.

Complement :Passbook?

This functionality could have a lot to do with the new functionality of IOS Passbook 6 , because in this way would add options to use the service, given that there are many sources indicate that Apple will include NFC in future devices. Anyway, this is not known until the final release of iPhone OS 6, since Apple has not provided any information about the changes that the developer version includes.

The fact is that the functionality is there, and getting to know Cupertino do not believe that simply being able to send more file formats , surely there is more. But do not forget that Bluetooth does not offer great options for communication and also their antennae consume enough battery.

I honestly believe that payment for Bluetooth is not viable , as their security is not very large. Another thing is that you can establish communications with shops and places of celebrations of events, so that from there they send notices of events of interest by using Bluetooth Sharing. However, there is the possibility that Apple finally offers a connection “permissive” and repercussions on the iPhone 5 with the ability to send files between at least another iPhone.

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