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During the month of May, the chain of mobile phone shops The Phone House has several special offers for those who choose to manage their portability or new high through them and are interested in taking the iPhone 5 both through a operator and freely.



By now we all know that the iPhone 5 is the latest handset from Apple, his flagship, whose main features are the display technology Retina of 4 inches , rear camera 8 megapixel iSight panning and A6 processor . It is also the thinnest model and the fact that it is made ​​of anodized aluminum makes this iPhone lightest of all.

Currently, the iPhone is one of the most acclaimed devices and desired by people . While it is true that the thing depends on the tastes of each one of the determining factors when done with a mobile phone is the price. Terminals like the iPhone or the high-end Samsung Galaxy often beyond our means, but for that The Phone House sometimes offers deals of this type to get, in this case the iPhone 5.

The offer is valid during the month of May at The Phone House focuses only on the 16GB model of the iPhone 5 . In case you want to get hold of it completely free , will cost 660 euros with a 36-month financing for a fee of 22.56 euros per month . As you can see, the final price is only $ 9 cheaper than if we bought it at an Apple Store, so it can not be considered as an offer itself, but the good offered by The Phone House is funding to pay the device slowly.

On the other hand, we can get him through high portability or new with the various mobile operators also so funded.Thus, in the case of Vodafone , offers the 16GB iPhone 5 for zero euros with the rate Mains 3 with a fee of 20 euros per month for 24 months . In the case of Telstra , we can also take the device with zero euros plus a fee of 25 euros per month for 23 months, also a plus for Telstra is that no matter the rate we choose.

Finally, if the company you prefer to Orange , the iPhone 5 will cost you 59 euros plus a fee of 25 euros per month for 24 months . Yes, the offer only applies to those who make portability to the company with the rate Dolphin 12 Dolphin 35 or Kangaroo .

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