The iPhone 5 could retire the iPhone 3GS

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Apple confirmed that the iPhone 5 will be launched on September 12 , or what is the same, day after tomorrow. The company began sending invitations to the already anticipated as the most anticipated event of the year in the field of smartphones.

the event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco to seven p.m., in Technocrates we covering the event to offer all the innovations that occur there.

iPhone 5 Design 04

If all goes as planned, the new iPhone model released a new four-inch screen, the eternal beating the 3.5-inch barrier present in all existing iPhone models. The panel resolution will be 1136 x 640 pixels, causing it to be longer but the same width, the terminal design is very similar to the current pattern but because this will also be longer and rumor profile will only 7.6 millimeters. Another innovation that could introduce is the presence of a smaller dock connector and some minor changes such as relocation of the audio plug that will now be on the bottom.

When the iPhone 5 is added to the catalog of Apple it seems that the iPhone 3GS will be out of the catalog of the brand , and secure it in the newspaper The Telegraph . Normally Apple maintains three models of iPhone in their offers. For example right now the high end is the iPhone 4S , followed by theiPhone 4 as midrange and finally the iPhone 3GS as low range. With the introduction of a new model would move this configuration making the iPhone 4 is the low end , followed by the iPhone 4S and theiPhone 5 will be the new flagship , which leaves out the iPhone 3GS. This is a terminal that was introduced in 2009 and already has three years of age , long enough to be removed supply.

iPhone 3GS 02

Until now the iPhone 3GS has been updated to the latest versions of the platform as iOS 5 , the latest.In June, Apple announced that it will be compatible with iOS 6 , delivery will arrive with the iPhone 5, but will not enjoy all the news. For example you can not have the function of v ideollamadas FaceTime via 3G mobile network and this function be limited to when connected via Wi-Fi. Similarly neither will the photo albums shared streaming nor the VIP lists of email. Finally, perhaps the most important deficiency are services Flyover (3D maps) and navigation with voice prompts of the new suite of maps of the brand itself.

Although not confirmed, it appears that in fact the iPhone 3GS is about to be retired Apple catalog.According to The Telegraph the company could launch a new version of the iPhone 4S with eight GB capacity as happens now with the iPhone 4. Will have to wait until Wednesday for all the details.

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