The iPad Mini with Retina arrive later this year

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A Apple would love to reduce (and eliminate) its dependence on Samsung, one of his partners and his archenemy, but apparently not as easy as it seems. If the information provided by “people familiar with the matter” to quote resources as a source is true, Apple would have switched back to Samsung for a new device: the iPad Mini with Retina Display to be released later this year.

What is known of this new tablet? In addition to high resolution, it is expected that its size is the same as the regular mini iPad (7.9 inches), and also leaked that Apple is considering the possibility of introducing different colored models.



Apple would have been in contact with various partners in Asia to manufacture components for the iPad Mini with Retina displays will be manufactured by Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display, Sharp and LG Display .One of the sources also said that Apple had initially decided to dispense with Samsung, but later changed his mind to make sure you always have enough stock and manufacturing pace to meet demand when the device hits the market .

Rumors about an iPad Mini with Retina Display and lead surrounding Apple a few months, but after the launch of the new Nexus 7 with high resolution display last week, and few doubt that the Cupertino firm will launch such a device.

The strange relationship that links Apple and Samsung, therefore, looks set to continue. On one side are rival companies in various markets, especially smartphones, where his ongoing patent disputes are in courts around the world. On the other, maintain a business relationship with Samsung as a partner of Apple in the manufacture of the components of many of their devices.

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