The iPad 5 coming in March and will be more compact and lightweight

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The fierce competition that exists today in the tablet market that Apple later triggers the release of new models. The next tablet of the Californian firm would be the iPad in May , device hit the market in March next year with improved characteristics, inherited some very iPad Mini.

The update rate of the leading families of electronic devices has grown considerably in recent years. While this trend was accentuated in the market for smartphones, tablets have also been involved in this “technology race” of the leading manufacturers.

Apple we were used to launch an iPhone and iPad model year.However, pressure from Samsung with its Galaxy Tab and the recent addition of Google to the segment with Nexus Nexus 7 and 10 have brought a quick response from Cupertino. Without getting into debates about the level of improvement of new presentations of the signing of the apple, it has significantly reduced the sales cycle of your tablet. Now what we saw with the iPhone 4, but we will check with the upcoming release of the iPad in May. Confirmed the date of filing, which now stands in the month of March 2013, it would not even half a year between two generations of iPad tablets.

In addition to more than possible premature advancement of iPad 5, resources indicates that the new Apple will build some of the salient features of the iPad Mini. We refer mainly to design and compact tablet size American brand has transpired since according to the housing will be reduced in size over the previous version. So the iPad 5 will have less than four millimeters high, 17 millimeters narrower and reduce its thickness two millimeters to set this level at about 7.4 millimeters featured. If the latter fact is important, much more so is the width it would be possible by reducing the frame size, technicality involving the application of a new technology in the screen as a protective measure. Also, the update of the dimensions of this iPad 5 also encourage that the final weight would be reduced, but for now there is no exact figure on this, although we know that will weigh less than 652 grams of the iPad in April declared by the manufacturer.

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