The Huawei P6-U06 is the world’s thinnest phone

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Records are made ​​to be broken and the mobile phone world records one of the brands that try to beat is to make a phone as thin as possible. If at CES 2013 saw as the Alcatel One Touch Ultra Idol was the one who had the upper hand, now the world’s thinnest phone will be made ​​by Huawei .



The P6-U06 Huawei has leaked pictures and seeing the dimensions we can see how having a thickness of 6.18mm, which beats the 6.45 that had the Alcatel. If we look at other measures, we see a phone with a 4.7 inch screen that measures 132.6 mm tall, 65.5 wide and 6.18 mm thick .

To put it in perspective, we can take some of the most cutting-edge phones today and see that theSamsung Galaxy S4 measured 7.9mm, the iPhone 5 measures 7.6mm, HTC One, 9.3mm and Nexus 4 9.1mm. So, it’s not bad. All this is rounded with a weight of 120 grams with the hand that will feel very light.

If we see the other specifications we find a terminal that will have a 720p screen resolution, a 4-core processor with a frequency of 1.5Ghz each, 2GB of RAM and an 8MP camera. All accompanied by Android 4.1.2 with what we output and is a bit outdated.

But the important thing here is to see how far the want to lose weight increasingly mobile. Luckily there is a struggle in which all manufacturers take part but can a phone 6.18mm thick and 120 grams feel solid in the hand. If when I picked up an iPhone 5 for the first time since I thought it was going to double the minimum, I can not imagine a thinner phone.

And one of the important issues is to see how materials are selected. Not the same thickness on a phone that plastic aluminum one, which gives a more solid feel. We’ll have to see if in the future someone wants to climb over the ribbon of thinness.

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