The HTC One is updated to improve the operation of the camera

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The high-end Android has taken a major leap in this year 2013. Now the most advanced smartphones come with very large screens hovering five inches and with FullHD resolution. They also have very powerful processors, usually four or even eight cores as in the alternative version of the Samsung Galaxy S4-cameras and very complete. In the photographic section there is a team that drew special attention, it is the HTC One . This terminal surprised by his camera , but not have a very high resolution, but it comes with Ultrapíxel technology and four-megapixel resolution, something that priori seems inadequate by today’s standards. Early tests show that the camera of HTC One offers very good results in low light conditions. ‘s ultrapíxeles are larger than normal and a pixel that capture a greater amount of light.However, when the illumination is sufficient, the results are not as good. The Singaporean team blog Hardware Zone has discovered that the company has improved the response of the camera with the latest software update.

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In HTC were aware that the star feature of its new flagship was not squeezing all the potential in certain situations. For this reason they decided to launch a new version of firmware that contains a major upgrade for the HTC Camera One In Hardware Zone have compared the images taken by a terminal without updating and one with the new release installed, the difference is obvious. On the left we have the images without bringing improved updating, are blurred , the lines are not defined and have much noise . To the right we see the result is much better, s and optimized contrast and sharpness has increased considerably. HTC has said that all models are sold from now will come with the update included.



HTC deviates from the battle of the megapixel camera with its current flagship, which has only four megapixels. Yet this does not mean that the images will be lower quality. The explanation that the camera has only four megapixels has to do with the size of each pixel of the sensor. each surface is greater ultrapíxel which typically have pixels that have other sensors, about double large. As each point is larger can capture more light and less fit the sensor points, hence only have four megapixels.This system works very well in low light because exploits the poor lighting there for it also generates less noise and contributes to the result to be more clear and crisp. The disadvantage of this system is that, although the picture quality is very high, the size is a little lacking if we extend much the image.

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