The high cost of memory and CPUs will impact the new consoles

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According to Cevat Yerli, leader of the German company Crytek, the rising cost of memories and microprocessors may make it impossible for the next generation consoles have an impact on the sector and in its day it was the current generation. 

According to the CEO of Crytek, chances are the next generation is not very different in potency to the current capabilities of a high-end PC.When asked Yerli what else would you like Microsoft and Sony had in mind for a substitute for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, said that more memory: “As a person who loves technology focus towards design, never have enough memory. It’s as simple as that.Memory is the most important thing that will always be unbalanced. Xbox 360 had imbalance. PlayStation 3 also. Simply because memory is the most expensive, so I would love to be more expensive and so memory is not a problem, “he noted Yerli. “If they find ways to lower the cost could triple or quadruple the memory and say, ‘Hey, let’s have 32 gigs of memory’. That would be really amazing. consoles of the current generation, when launched, was well ahead compared to the PC. The fact is that today the CPU and memory are much more expensive than they were in the past, so it will be impossible to have the same impact in the console business

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