The Hayabusa smartphone Sony will launch with the final name of Sony Xperia TX

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We have no official confirmation yet from Sony , but this could come at any time if the latest rumors, which have more weight than mere rumors are true. The source, as has the Xperia Blog, is very reliable, so you can say almost for sure the Hayabusa or LT29i be known as Sony Xperia TX when it launches in the market. Knowing the details is a very positive aspect, since it implies that is closer to the shops and will not take too long to get their hands on.

The Japanese already have the device in his hands and called Sony Xperia GX , but as is tradition, and was expected to change the name to launch in the world. Those who trust the source of Xperia Blog rely on this new device, which has a 4.6 inches screen is above the midrange model Xperia TAnd after the letter X used and serve to indicate that it has added power.

 Anyways, speaking of course, is true that Sony has still left a bit users as to confirm the information known through rumors, stories and offered theories about what this new smartphone. His technical options will be seen in the Japanese version, so in that sense there is little doubt. In the screen above 720p, will join a powerful 13-megapixel rear camera, 1GB of RAM and dual core processor Snapdragon S4. It is obvious that the platform will be Android in version 4, and will feature some enhanced features and advanced compared to the Xperia Arc, since Sony is watching as a successor of a spiritual nature of this phone is already known.The surprise is that Sony is making wait that long, since it is very likely to IFA press conference the company does not know anything new.

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