The Google translation application and can be used without an Internet connection

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Google has very useful services when for when traveling abroad, as Google Maps or your own translator. Many of these services, in addition to functioning in web browsers, equipped with its own mobile application. however, web-based services lose much use when there is no connection, because it can not be used directly. It was a problem that so far suffered the Google translation service.

Google Translation

Google Translation

Google has released an update to his translator in Android . This is version 2.6 , which downloads data packets up to 50 different languages, including Castilian, Galician and Catalan.

It is advisable to download the data via Wi-Fi , since weigh enough (are around 150/160 MB). Of course, once you have them on your phone, you can translate text without problems when you are abroad without fear that high prices for data roaming leave a big hole in the account.

Moreover, since Google warn that the information they provide maps, translators and other services is richer when looking online, so it is something to consider if it is possible to connect to the Internet.

The updated Google Translate for Android is compatible with Android 2.3 or higher

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