The Glass Google will control your fridge or garage doors

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Google introduced a patent that allows a device (similar to Google Glass) control and interact with physical objects such as refrigerators, coffee or a garage door. According to the patent which states , this device can detect and control appliances with the aid of sensors, Bluetooth, facial recognition, IR and QR codes .

Google Glass

Google Glass

“To identify the garage door and determine if it is closed, the portable device can project a virtual control interface superimposed on the garage door,” reads the patent office of the United States by “Business Insider.”

According to this information, those who own these Google Glasscould control the electrical appliances without touching and interacting with these through head movements, hand gestures or voice commands.

The patent application was filed in September 2011 by Google to the Patent Office of the United States. The patent was made ​​known to the middle “Engadget”. This technology has caused admiration and rejection users. This week unveiled the platform ” Stop the Cyborgs’, an organization that rejects the use of these devices as they may violate the privacy of individuals

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