The ‘ghost’ cosmic

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A ghostly face in the middle of the space. This could be defined the spectacular image that has captured the space telescope XMM-Newton of the European Space Agency (ESA)It is a bubble produced by the intense wind of a massive star .This bubble is 5,000 light years from Earth , in the constellation Canis Major, the ‘Dog Star‘, and it seems the face of a dog or a wolf.

ESA explains in a statement, the bubble light covers about 60 years, and was created under the action of intense wind emitted by the Wolf-Rayet star HD 50896, the star rose in the center of the image, which would be the eye right of this unique face.

The stars of Wolf-Rayet stars are hot and massive, with a mass about 35 times that of our Sun, which eject large amounts of matter through an intense stellar wind, a stream of plasma to millions of degrees Celsius that emits X rays, shown in blue in the image.The material surrounding the star glows reddish to interact with the strong stellar wind, as seen in the area of ‘cheek’.

The green halo is the result of the collision of a shock wave that escapes to the star with the layers of material ejected earlier.A ‘flash’ of X rays in the upper left corner shapes the ear ‘wolf’, and the densest region of the lower right corner resembles a muzzle.

However, the future of this face space is measured in hours. The bubble burst and be completed scattering , while the star will end his days with a dramatic supernova explosion.

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