“The gamble with Windows Phone is total”- Manuel Reverte, Nokia

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The director of Ecosystem Services and the Finnish company believes that the alliance with Microsoft allows them to contribute a degree of differentiation from other platforms.

Competition is maximum in  mobile device market. Manuel Reverte, director of Ecosystem Services and Nokia Iberia, believes that there is a duopoly in mobile operating systems although Android accounts for 81.7% of “smartphones” sold in the last quarter.  

Nokia faces a new stage with the sale of the new Lumia .

On the one hand a year ago we communicate our new strategy based on three pillars .. First, we continue with what we call innovation and new disruptions and more a part of operating in the range of “smartphones” where Windows Phone bet is total. The example is the 920 and the 820 in which we have high expectations. We are completely satisfied with the two devices that are launching and are leaders in the market, and this has been recognized in many media specialists.

And then the internet access in emerging countries. This “Internet for the next billion” where many people access the Internet even before a mobile device from a PC. In these countries it is easier to buy a mobile device than a PC. Those people headed. Our best example and where we are having good results is extremely pleased that we are in the range Nokia Asha Full Touch, touch devices considered in recent weeks as “smartphone” in the same category as “smartphones”, but with a range of prices much more aggressive and focused on these emerging countries.

High expectations’ can you assume that the resurgence of the firm?

We never make future speculations. We rely on data and facts. When we focus on this strategy is because we were fully convinced that this was the right strategy. What I can say is that now I can say that this year and average close relationship with Microsoft we are very satisfied.And the example is that we could bring our differentiating factor with Windows Phone, with Nokia’s own services like location, streetscape, entertainment and music store, book … We were able to provide it with additional value typical of Nokia. And I think the consumer is perceived as such and being grateful.

Tools to seduce those diehard followers late late nineties

What is clear is that the consumer must bring you value. When we decided to go for Windows Phone was because it allowed us to provide that degree of differentiation than other platforms we could possibly make. In our new series are supported by a party to an excellent hardware performance, but also in junos content and services that add value and differentiation.

Some users have been detected in various forums that the new Microsoft operating system for mobile gives some problems.

Any technology platform there is always this kind of rumor mill. The current range Lumia devices have proven to be solid, consistent, meeting expectations and surprising to people who use it. It is true that, in conjunction with Microsoft, we continue to build this perception and the brand recognition and the Windows Phone system, so we have worked hard with developers to provide it to the Market Place of sufficient number and quality of applications. We are working hard locally with different global brands.

Yes, it is an increasingly difficult market.

It is no longer a war between devices quotes. Now this is a competition for ecosystems. It is much broader and more complex. It’s not about selling hardware, but to show what you can do with that hardware. What matters is not what technology you use is the service that you give to your consumer. That is complicated everything.Increasingly higher expectations, higher quality, more accessible and effort on our part must be even higher. Competition is very good. It forces us to do more, manufacturers, service providers, internet, the entire industry to the ultimate beneficiary is the consumer.

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