The Galaxy Samsung S3 will be updated to Android 4.1 in a few weeks

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The world of the updates is, for many, a difficult to understand. Days after he released a device as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S3 , equipped with the operating system Android in the version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich , a new version of this platform. As you may know, the company Google introduced the newest edition of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on a specific event on the firm’s internal developments. The fact is that at this point, owners demanding the Galaxy S3 are looking forward to that Samsung decided to update the device to the latest version of Android . Today we have exciting news about it, so go to the point. And sources close to the Korean reported at half Sammobile the update to Android 4.1 for the Galaxy S3will occur late in the third quarter. Is September the month chosen?

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Well, all bets are directed in late September , although the same source claims that as always in these cases, the update could be delayed until early October . As they explain, at this very moment the engineers of Samsung are working on updating, adapting the data package submitted to Google for all the peculiarities that usually applies Samsung , but the fact is that the test phase have already been overcome and would be studying the publication. Do not forget that almost all Galaxy family devices are integrated interface TouchWiz , a classic of Samsung that offers that special touch to all terminals in the catalog. In short, the fact that the upgrade will last until the unsuspected has much to do with the assurance that the company needed time to integrate a f irmware again in a device . The aim is to avoid any problems in the process of renovation and operation of the device, of course.

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But this is not the only device that will benefit from a quick update to Android 4.1 . In fact, many users of other terminals that are looking forward to their share of jellybeans. The same source reveals that users of the Samsung Galaxy Note will Jelly Bean immediately after it occurs the official update of the current flagship of the company. What about the Samsung S2 Galaxy will also receive the corresponding data packet? Well, the truth is that at this point we can not yet confirm that this device can be passed to Jelly Bean .

Currently, engineers are examining all possibilities, so you should remain cautious about a possible disposal technician from Samsung . The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which will be presented on August 29 will come fitted with Android 4.0 , although it is likely that the Android 4.1 update to run early and without incident. If these predictions are confirmed and finally Samsung considers it appropriate to inject 4.1 to Samsung Android Galaxy S2 , the three updates would occur during the fourth quarter, although not determined a specific date for the coming-of each data packet.

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