The Galaxy S4 will come in a version twice as fast

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Samsung will launch this month in Korea S4 Galaxy LTE-Advanced version while tomorrow Spain reaches its 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega.


Samsung  plans to sell a variation of your smartphone  Galaxy S4  will be capable of transmitting data at a rate of almost double  of what it is capable of making the model already in the market, as announced by the head of mobile phone the company this morning.

According to information provided by the executive JK Shin, the phone with these features will come this month, so far only South Korea, but  Samsung  already negotiating with operators of various countries to launch the  Galaxy S4  in a greater number of markets, but declined to say who might be these partners.


According to Shin, the company wants to be first to market with smartphones 4G of your brand and, therefore, the Galaxy S4 use technology  4G LTE-Advanced , an update of conventional 4G. Explains Reuters  that e l LTE-Advanced provides data transmission up to twice normal speed  4G. The phones will be powered by Qualcomm chips.

So, specifies the representative of  Samsung , a download of movies that can take three minutes with conventional 4G networks, it may take a little over a minute with the  LTE-Advanced . In addition, the manager said it would be a little more expensive than the current model, but he did not advance more information.

Some analysts believe that the momentum of the South Korean company in the world of fast networks could affect sales from rivals such as  Nokia  or even  Apple’s iPhone 5 , the latest version that Cupertino has in the market.

Meanwhile Shin said that the company is not worried about how sales will Galaxy S4 that takes little more than a month on the market. Says the manager who “S4 sales remain strong, much more than the  Galaxy SIII “and adds that the new phone LTE-Advanced will be another addition to the high-end offerings of the firm that” will ensure wide margins. “

Samsung Galaxy Mega arrives in Spain

Also Samsung will launch tomorrow in Spain your larger smartphone, the  Galaxy Mega which features 6.3 inches and also notable for having the ability to compat connections with up to eight devices on the same wifi network.

As already announced  ITespresso  in April, the  Mega 6.3 , has a 6.3 inch screen and 720 pixels, LTE connectivity, storage of 8 or 16 GB, and a dual core 1.7 Ghz.


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