The Galaxy Note 2 could be presented Aug

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15 at a surprise event of the firm


Maybe the Note 2 Galaxy is the greatest star of the summer and are not even wait for the arrival of the IFA trade fair in Germany where everyone took for granted that it would be the place chosen by the firm to make it known. An invitation to a new mid-month event where you will discover a “new device Galaxy” has propelled new alarms. 

In fact the international press and is scheduled for the end of August and early September, MovilZona will be there for an event in Germany. But it seems that there will have to wait otherwise. It gives the impression that the Galaxy Note 2 is eager to go for war.

A large Galaxy

The announcement of the event also could not be more explicit: “major announcement and unveiling of the newest Galaxy device.” That is, a product of the Galaxy range and wide-ranging. It seems unlikely that it is not, in either format, a Smartphone. With that is falling is hard to think other than the Galaxy Note 2, which is credited as such, not just a 5.5-inch screen, but a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, as opposed to 1680 x 1050 that had leaked a few weeks ago. But the firm and knowing and their potential when making screens, it seems odd that a new Note 2 Galaxy does not have a screen resolution of first order and with what is expected of this model

Code 7100

All the information has come to the fore because a product called GH-N7100 has been located in different performance tests. Note Remember that the Galaxy has an official name of GH-N700. Yes where it seems it will not fail to be in the processor, as the tests that have been localized speak of a quad core computer, a Exynos 4412 with Mali-400 graphics.Only missing, positions the firm bet heavily on that day see a new Note 15 and more models at IFA based on a good note and string of tablets. Samsung is capable of. Do not hesitate.

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