The “gadgets” that Wired predicted for 2013

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The magazine predicted multiple devices in technology 10 years ago, in fact, already marketed.

The technology magazine Wired published a decade ago with a wish list that expect electronic devices that were created in 2013.

Sonia Zjawinski, the creator of the list ‘Future Fetish “ was based on existing data so far and some of her six wishes already sold.

Smart Clock

The first prediction came from the hand of Apple. For Wired and Apple’s next invention would “bracelet that includes LCD digital personal agenda, wireless internet, an iPod mini and of course, a phone.” And they were so wrong, in 2007 launched the iPhone and the latest version of the Nano can be iPop wrist. However, since there is a device called a clock Pebble iPhone that connects to and transmits data. Are also strong rumors that the Cupertino are preparing the iWatch.

The ‘artificial nose’

Fido was the second invention that predicted. It was a device that was only a ‘artificial nose’ that would allow food smell and detect lactose, counting calories, scan or detect allergen ingredients.

The future is at hand but with several separate devices. Lapka is a gadget that plugs into the iPhone and warns you if what you eat is organic or not. Moreover scientists at UCLA have scheduled a smartphone to detect the bacteria E.coli and another that scans allergens.

Glasses with data

Among its six desires a glasses were also intelligent athlete athletes to shew the different data to improve performance. The idea was that the athlete could know all this information without having to “take your eyes off the prize.” His prediction was that the athlete would have an ankle that would record the speed, temperature, pulse or step away and transmit this data to a screen in the glasses.

The Smiths Optics has launched glasses Smiths I / O Recon that allow users (skiers and snowboarders) get everything they predicted Wired in 2003. They can even read messages as you descend the slopes.However, the magazine aims to get all the options you need to connect the device to a smartphone.

“Liquid Video»

An OLED screen made by Samsung yesterday

Finally outlining the “liquid video” that was nothing more than a flexible display of light emitting polymers to revolutionize the way people watch TV at home. They say that would be a screen very, very fine qie could be extended and where the user would like to project the information content via satellite or wireless. Yes, the future is already here. Treat of the liquid crystal display OLED (organic LED light emitting) where LG and Samsung are already in patent war and have launched several products.

Also outlining a “helmet” selective than serve as “earplugs to sleep, but you would be warned of incoming calls or messages, or contacts that have UV protection and different colors.

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