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A boy named Pierre Omidyar founded the September 5, 1995 a company called AuctionWeb which eventually became eBay.

The online auction site drew on the famous tech bubble of the nineties and survived it.

But beyond their successes and failures, eBay helped pave the way for the expansion of electronic commerce between users or between companies and Internet.

Two decades after the road is much more busy.

In the beginning, for the electronic commerce to flourish is called required at least six ingredients: an attractive offer of products and services, users generate sufficient demand, a payment system or insurance transactions, mutual trust (the site and deliver the product described the user pays on time), a banking system more or less reliable and adequate service delivery, call or courier service.

Under that premise were few sites that achieved all ingredients and cook slowly to attract users.


Joining them other services flourished. The British postal service, for example, claims that the internet was their torment and savior. While the business of sending letters and postcards declined with the advent of email and social networks, the increase in commercial transactions from sites like Amazon forced them to evolve to the point where his main business now is packet delivery.In Latin America this field has advanced by leaps closer especially since the ingredients banking, trust and surrender are not developed to the same level as in other latitudes.

The few exceptions that have worked fairly well have had to adapt to the local culture and end face-to-face transactions. The buyer and seller leave the pixels and look at a physical site to complete the deal.

A little probing on Twitter seems to support this view. Interestingly online buyers usually do in places outside their country.

For example, @ Cartman0781 purchase online to save “time and approach ‘virtual’ establishments”, plus they have “low price (comparing prices Nicaragua and # Amazon #)”.

His opinion is supported @ adnvzo: “Get out of my country: It is a good alternative for things that are not here and save time.”

“In what I hope is not in Mexico mails I lost several packages. Curiously Asia always get well,” says @ nell.

And there is more confidence in e-commerce?

“Yes, but very slowly,” emphasizes @ pabloescobedo.

While that happens in Latin America, times are changing elsewhere as the United States and Europe where the menu of digital commerce has become more sophisticated.

Amazon Store

The competition is getting stronger and analysts and online shopping projects are having to change their strategy.In the short and medium term, these are some of the elements that will make e-commerce sites are placed on the success or failure.

    • Social networking: sites like Pinterest and Facebook are increasingly serving as virtual storefronts where people establish catalogs of products and services. No advertising more powerful social recommendation.
    • Atoms and bits: a key strategy for both large-and small businesses-will be able to offer from delivery by mail or courier to give users the ability to pick up their products in a store. Amazon even installing lockers in certain cities where people can pick up the acquired. After all not everyone can wait at home all day for a package.
    • Refund: users want to know that it will be easy to return a product if it does not like.That element has become the basis of confidence. Sites that offer a simple mechanism returns, will take the lead.
    • Information is power: In the Internet age, the detailed information is key. Whoever wants to attract users should allow them to track the product you purchase from them to click the buy button until it arrives in your hands.
    • Mobile phone: tenders must fit in the palm of your hand. Mobile devices and we flood the stores that offer apps take advantage. It is not only, however, to have a presence just because. The truly successful must offer coupons and deals.
    • Lightning Deals: sites that have experienced deep discounts for a short period of time have made good profits. The formula is simple: is advertised to users who will be discounts on certain products a few hours before the sale opens for a short time and the inventory is empty.

The more time people spend online, the more will grow confidence in online shopping and will be more competition among digital stores. Sites and their service depends on preserving it.

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