The future Nexus 5 could cost only $ 99

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The price policy has forced Google to other Android device manufacturers to adjust the offering in the market, something that users who appreciate fine. Well, if the company’s Mountain View decided to put in the hands of companies like ZTE, for instance, the future Nexus 5 could have a price of only $ 99.

The first thing you could do if necessary that the SoC is chosen to be the heart of the terminal was a model with promising performance and did not take an exorbitant price. And, it exists: Nvidia Tegra 4i … a processor is expected to be part of device 100 to $ 300, so the choice would be feasible and would adjust costs (and includes LTE, which is important ).

If confirmed this movement and the entry would be facing a brutal impact on the market, because if you make a Nexus gets 5 for a price to be around $ 100 comes to a sale that would leave the “height of bitumen” to those obtained by Nexus 4.Moreover, the entry of manufacturers like ZTE or Huawei Google frete to protect competition courts before the arrival of the new Motorola. Two birds with one stone with this option.



This could mean the arrival of new ranges Nexus

Apart from the price of the new Nexus 5, in the event that Google open hand for the arrival of other manufacturers could mean a change in the way they work with their product range, which is important. The high-end models depend directly from Mountain View, but appear some input medium and responsibility would be up in the distribution of the manufacturers in question. Thus, the market would be down and the Nexus could become the reference Android. Would have to see how he would react Samsung in this case.

What is clear who is in the market are “cooking” novelties at affordable prices, as evidenced by the arrival of Firefox OS and possible alliances (the Samsung with Qualcomm is one of the sounding) and what is seen Google not want to stay out of the game and therefore could have manufacturers like ZTE. It gets interesting.

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